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Surface Care

A new level of stone and tile care.


You put a lot of time and thought into your design decisions. Probably a lot of money too. Now you have the best way to protect, clean, and enhance the surfaces that grace your home and brighten your life.

Give that beautiful new surface some TLC.


We all want to look our best. Consistent exercise, smart eating habits, a good night’s rest – it all pays off. The same concept applies to your natural stone, quartz, and tile. A little love on a regular basis keeps it beautiful for years to come. Well, because we love it and think you’ll love it too.

A quick primer about the nature of natural stone and tile.


That stone of yours may be hard as a…rock. But, it’s actually porous. That’s why sealing is important – when there’s a spill, your stone will be protected from any permanent staining. Just clean it up and you’re good to go.

About natural stone

Your installer or fabricator may have already sealed the surface. How do you know if it’s been properly sealed? Pour a few drops of water on the surface – after a few minutes check to see if the water soaked in. If the surface darkened, it means the water got in – the stone needs to be sealed. With us it’s easy to choose and use the right sealer. Our Premium Stone Sealer is the best choice for peace of mind and maximum stain protection on even the most porous stones.

About ceramic, porcelain & grout


Porcelain and ceramic tile are now available in attractive matte finishes and textures. They can even be mistaken for natural stone. Our Ceramic & Porcelain Sealer protects the entire surface and makes daily cleaning a snap.

About quartz

Quartz surfaces are low in porosity and thus stain resistant. The thing is, manufacturers recommend using “mild, non-abrasive” cleaners to keep quartz surfaces looking sharp. Our products meet the recommended requirements of quartz and engineered stone. That’s a fancy way of saying it will stay clean and streak-free

Kitchen and bathroom counters


A lot of the items you use and consume are acidic, a quality which isn’t friendly to some natural stone. Remnants of things like toothpaste and makeup, orange juice, oils, and coffee can cause damage. Sure, everyone gets messy from time to time. Just be sure to tidy up with a good Quartz Cleaner + Protector using a clean, dry cloth.


With the constant walking around, it’s important to clean the floors often (whatever that might mean to you). As a smart 1-2 punch, use a dry dust mop, broom or vacuum to gather up loose dirt and debris. Then use a damp mop with Stone & Tile Cleaner, a concentrated cleaning solution gentle enough for daily use – it’ll leave the floors clean and streak free.

Bath and shower

We don’t know who came up with the term “soap scum” but we do know how to get rid of it, as well as hard water deposits. To keep your natural stone and tile looking fantastic, use Alkaline Cleaner to remove soap scum and Acidic Cleaner to blast through hard water stains. Be sure NOT to use Acidic Cleaner on acid-sensitive surfaces like marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, and concrete.

The best protection is prevention

Always use coasters and placemats. The acidic nature of juices, sodas, coffee and other beverages, as well as oil-based products and certain condiments, can discolor and stain your stone countertops. Sure, marble, limestone, and concrete are hard, but they can still scratch. So, put something under cups, plates, and utensils. Place hot cookware and dishes on some sort of mat. High temperatures don’t mix with natural stone, quartz, and tile. Stains like procrastinators. The longer you wait to clean it up, the higher the chance of staining and discoloring.

We call it “a line of products”. You’ll call them “easy to choose and easy to use”

Sealers: Our high-performance, water-based, penetrating natural stone sealers form an invisible barrier that provides maximum protection against the toughest oil and water-based stains.


Enhancers: These products bring out the stone’s natural color, texture, and unique character. Like everything else we offer, our enhancers are water-based, easy to use, and work great.


Cleaners: Our safe and effective cleaners are specifically designed for natural stone, tile, and quartz surfaces and are available in two types:

• Heavy duty cleaners for restorative cleaning

• Daily maintenance cleaners for gentle cle

Don´t Panic. Call us.

If you have a problem with your natural stone, quartz or tile surface take a deep breath and relax. Then, call our friendly support team at 404 936 3499. Whether you call, we’ll help get your stone, quartz, or tile surfaces looking new again.

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